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By Tobias Münch Homepage deimoscc


In a time of big, tremendously detailed levels filled with spectacular scripts and new textures comes a small level, with something as rare as an episode 2 theme. It wasn't so much the surprise over the fact that someone came up with this idea that amazed me, it was more the fact that this is actually a really good level with a lucky outcome to what could most correctly be considered as an interpretation of any of the original episode 2 levels.

Tobias Münch is only now getting his named stated for real in the community. With only a handful of relatively simple and small levels publicly released of a more or less mediocre nature, his name has been recognized as pure talent, but with the design-faults and unfortunate tendencies which sticks to a novice. I think 'Deimos Control Center' manifests that we're in for real treat with his upcoming 'Visions of Eternity'! 'DeimosCC' proves with its extremely nice, pure Doom atmosphere and architecture that this author knows his stuff when it comes to the first game in the series we all know and love. The thing which I really liked about 'DeimosCC' was the fact that things are kept simple and neat. The choice of textures and their placement fit in perfectly with the architecture which builds this small base. Yes, there is the occasional mis-alignment, but they are few and hardly noticeable when you're fighting for your life. The problem is that things are kept so close to the orig. episode 2 levels, that it can be hard to tell if a particular texture or wall hides the inadequacy of the author or it is done like this on purpose. I choose to believe in the latter and use the first to excuse my way out of the few mistakes in the level. The only real problem which this level has is the fact that it in places seems to have borrowed more from the orig. episode 2 rather than having been inspired from it. Some things bear a strong resemblance. However, this is greatly outweighed by the much greater percentage of original elements and ideas.

The gameplay is as you'd expect, from a small level based on minor hallways, corridors and small indoor areas. Namely relatively simple and without the big challenges. The opposition lurks behind every corner and door just waiting for you to blast them to pieces with either your shotgun, chaingun or rocket launcher (secret item). It's not hard and the fair amount of  ammo keeps the action hot! There's a couple of puzzles which are simple to figure out. It's pretty much a linear level without any big detours to confuse you. The secrets are a fresh breath of air in terms of their plentitude and diversity. There's no big surprises and if the level had been any bigger, it would have probably have gotten a little boring. Luckily there's a good connectivity between all the various elements in this level which makes it a worthwhile download.


Score:  70%