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By Kristian Aro (e-mail) - Paul Corfiatis (e-mail) - Chris Harbin (e-mail pe4_dt2


There are levels which upon their release sends shockwaves through the Doom Community because of their outstanding quality, and then there are those which simply keep on doing it. And probably will for a long, long time too. Death Tormention II is still the best episode 4 replacement for Ult. Doom there is.

And why? Because of the action that never ends! Because of the architecture and design that could be learning-material in a Doom-editing school should one ever be founded! Because of the endless imagination and creative spirit that lies behind these levels and because they are extremely true to the original eps. 4 levels. 

Just when you think you've got a level figured out, or just when you think you know how the designer thinks, something totally unexpected happens! And that ability my friends, is a thing that was sold out a long time ago! Death Tormention II oozes of that innovative spirit that builds up something truly excellent. Some might say that levels can be found with a higher level of detail, but the cleanness -thereby I mean no errors, flaws or weird things- which spreads out through all of D.T.II's levels are truly rare. Perfect lighting and shading closely combined with a mind-bending design making up an exciting gameplay is not a thing you see every day. This and the carefully prepared monster placement is sure to have you fascinated every second you play.

D.T.II is so good that it easily could have been "the real thing". I'm not afraid to say it one more time; this is the best episode 4 wad you'll find.


Score:  93%