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 C R I S I S

By Andrew Loly Homepage crisis -DM Level -needs Legacy


I cannot write a soothing preface about this level for this review. I just do not know what to write...

Trying to place this level in some sort of theme might be as hard as to try and understand when Doom Millennium will be out. There just is not any theme is this level. It is a small base placed in the middle of a giant pool of toxic waste. This base consists of some hallways and some rooms of a small to medium nature. There is also your more or less frustrating doors with two of them marked as needing a red key which is not available in multiplayer mode. As we all know, you do not need a key for a key-triggered door when playing deathmatch. And those doors are just a little bit too frustrating and irritating and should generally be kept out of a DM level of this size because of their obstructing nature. There is nothing more irritating than trying to get away and then being forced to stop up and open a  closed door! Other than that the level is pretty fast once you get outside and the best fights will probably take place there, while the funniest will occur inside in those narrow hallways and staircases. But it is in no way unique and those new textures sure as h*** does not help! They look horrible in their orange and gray set of colours! And it seems as if some kid decided to really f*** things up by smearing his wet, greasy fingers all over them. The author did not help much as they on almost all walls are misaligned and does not fit the height of the wall in many cases. The same goes for the flats which are a little bit better kept to the grid, but looks plain ugly! To a higher degree they add to the indeterminable theme of this level.

Then there is the choice of weapons which is your obligatory two shotguns and rocket launcher. There is also a secret BFG, which you must really work hard for to get and still you might get unlucky and someone else will thank you for your hard work and snatch it in front of your bloody nose and tired feet! The amounts of ammo are okay and if you are one of those guys who happen to like using the pistol a lot then there is a box of bullets in there waiting for you. A choice of two armours, green and blue, are at your disposal which is fair enough.

I cannot sum up this review. I guess the above says it all...