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by "Sgt. Crispy" Homepage CBS2 -DM level


Chainsaws & Boomsticks 2 is a compilation of deathmatch levels all built around a Q2 environment. As in many cases this turns out to be more or less non-appealing. But anyway CBS2 is not bad at all. The Q2 textures are well used and gives the levels a dark look and a tense feeling. However, something's missing.

The gameplay is fast, off course depending a lot on the players, but generally there's not a lot to stop you. No foolish obstacles that traps you or anything. There's a lot of good ideas when it comes to item placement; powerups and weapons are not just scattered meaninglessly all over the place. The levels are clean cut DM all over. And they work as they have to, but that's it. There's nothing especially innovative or amazing about them. And that's a shame because with a little more effort put into them they could have been quite excellent. Another thing is that there's a big difference between the levels. Most of them are good and very playable, but then there are these few that just don't really work all right. It's like they were just put in in order make the compilation bigger! The author should have dumped those and spent a little more time on the other. However, the greater part of them are for the better.

The concept of only having the shotguns, chainsaws and -in the later levels- the rocket launchers at your possession are a good idea. They are the best DM weapons and you don't really miss the plasma rifle or the BFG for that matter.

Very entertaining, but not a set of levels that will kick ass for years in the community.