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 C A R   P A R K

by Adam Gartwaite Infinity & Beyond tfb -DM level


This deathmatch level........hmm, I must admit, that I didn't really like it much. I guess it's got something to do with the gameplay, it doesn't really have a good flow -all though it's fast and there aren't really any in places in which you can get caught by mistake or cornered in. There is, however, one of those places -very malignantly made by the author- and that's by the rocket launcher. It's placed at the end of a hallway where one side is only "bars", which makes you visible to the other players: "Hey, he's trying to get the Rocket Launcher, get him!" It's ok, but not excellent, and that's a generally statement of this level. Much is ok, but has been seen a lot better. 

The architecture is downright boring, with little change in design or detail -if any. Some wall textures are misaligned and some walls "swallows" your shots. Every texture and flat has the same grey or brown colour. Not very pretty, combined with the boring design and architecture; no detail, no exciting stuff. There's no shading, it's all very bright and that decreases the intensity of the game significantly. You cannot get "scared" by suddenly facing an opponent in a dark hallway around a corner like in other good DM levels. At the most you get a little angry if an opponent gets you. It's a fast level, there's nothing to slow you down. 

Simple, uninteresting and under average. A DM level that only has a few things, and that's the obligatory start points and the weapons.