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 B A T T L E F I E L D

By Mike Wynne battlefield


Battlefield is your more or less typical "first go at making a DM level" kind of map. One has a strong suspicion that nothing is, or perhaps only a couple of things are, planned. Everything seems so random and awkwardly casual.

This is mostly due to the fact that the map is an absolutely huge square. In it lies several small fortifications -some at the outermost edges of the map some in the center and so forth- in which every weapon doom2 has on offer lies "hidden". Hidden is a strong word since every weapon is right on your path, so to speak. Just run around and you'll very fast and easy be blessed with a Rocket launcher or Super shotgun. And without any problems the mega-sphere can easily be picked up while running right through a pavilion in the middle of the map. Even the BFG is easy to get. All this creates a furious match filled with a lot of easy frags if you're playing 6-8 players which is "suitable" for the map. Just grab the BFG and mega-sphere and hunt down an enemy and frag him in the back while he's fighting against some others. Although the challenge -the only one in this map- lies then in hitting him because with all the space to move about in, evading shots is relatively easy. So if he's alert and awake then he might just have enough time to run away or fight back. Not a very exciting or fun experience all in all.

There isn't really much to say about the design other than its mixed and ugly. The surrounding walls are wood, most buildings and structures metal and as flat; grass. It doesn't have any overall style but seems more or less like a product of a bad headache and a screaming mother's mad voice in the morning.

Very fast the game becomes boring with the brightness boosted to 255 in every single one of the sectors and an enemy always in the line of sight. There's no tense feeling, no element of fear and no hiding in this map unless you're playing with a screen resolution at 320x200. Or perhaps there is! There's some rocks and crates, but with all the space around them you probably won't be hiding behind them for long before some player splatters you all over the place with a nicely placed BFG shot right in back because he could see you from a mile away. I can't give it 1 1/3 Marine so it gets only 1.