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 A T L A N T I S

By "Striker" atlantis DM level -needs zDoom


Let's get right to it: A very small DM level with a pool of water and some fog. That about does it. There isn't really much more in this level worth mentioning.

A harsh introduction, I know, but Atlantis is the product of some very basic editing. The number of sectors almost matches the number of fingers you have on both your hands. Off course that's not necessarily a bad thing, a good number of levels in the well-known "10 sector" wad competition, held earlier this year on the news-site Doomworld, showed that a huge number of sectors and linedefs wasn't crucial for the success of a wad. I'm afraid though that Atlantis' low sector amount creates a rather dull level. Dull because of the simplicity it holds. The only thing that saves the big open area, which Atlantis basically consists off, is the fact that it has a nice fog effect and some swim able water. Two good zDoom features btw. A bit of dry land is there off course too. There's not really a great DM gameplay value attached to the water pool. I mean, Doom deathmatch is ferociously fast, and with the little bit of dry land to move about on, the gameplay experience hits rock bottom. A cramped and too tight DM experience is what comes out if it. There's no entertaining features aside from a hard to get BFG.

A good detail (actually the only one) is the old Greek like structure situated in the middle of the water pool. Everybody with a little bit of editing talent could make it, but it looks kinda cool with it only vaguely visible in the dense fog.

Texture choice consists of about two different textures: Marble and brownhug. Grass and water makes up the flats. Simple and uninspiring. End of line.