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 A R T I C A   B

by Mike Watson Cyb's Page artica_b -needs MBF or zDooM


Artica B is the improved version of Cyb’s Artica. The changes are a more exciting ending and he’s merged two maps into one, somewhat large, level. It is generally a good experience, except the fact that some areas tend to be a little under detailed as opposed to most other areas. It does not mean that the level has a bad flow or anything, just that, Cyb’s abilities could have been used better. Bigger areas as the icy one on the picture above tend to be simple, but the two entrances to this room are highly detailed. Most indoor areas are a little cramped and movement is limited and very linear e.g. very small hallways. However, it does apply to them all and every single one of them, cramped or no cramped, are very good made. Those small detailed areas tend to be deserted; fights with monsters are more or less out the question. However, they are also the most spectacular in terms of design. The supreme lightning evens all the flaws up. Some details are a little Quake II inspired, but the rest of the 98% are strictly Cyb!

Two simple things impressed me big time and that was the icy surfaces, which really brings the game up to date because you actually slips on them and off course the sky which really has a great feeling off height (as a real sky). It’s a real photo, I guess that explains it...

Things really heat up, when you move around in those outside or big areas, that’s where the action kicks in, and its great. All sorts of monsters tries to prevent you from reaching the exit; imps, demons, hellknights, mancubi and more and off course the two big Boss’s!! All placed in rooms and areas perfectly made for that specific monster. An average level with just a touch of exceptionality.


Score: 85%