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By Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer Homepage tnt2

If I am not mistaken, the author has got himself a name on his TNT series. There is a lot of people in the community that loves these levels, and the recently released TNT3 shows us that there is a reason why. Mr. Gimmer is a good level designer, and his TNT series are good levels. However, are they that good?

A lot of the discussions around these levels, and this one in particular, have revolved around the massive use of brown and brownish textures. One could say that they are in fact the single most characteristic thing about the TNT series. As said, this one has probably been the one most subject to scolding. I feel, that they are in some way just, because it really is all the level consists off: New brown textures and flats, and quite honestly, it looks more boring and dull than scary and dismal. This is also significantly underlined by the darkness and very dimmed lighted areas around the map. Sometimes you almost can't see a thing, and it doesn't help with the ceiling lights or torches; they seem to have no function and create no light at all.

I am sorry to say that the monotony continues with the architecture. It uses some of the stronger features of the zDoom port such as slopes, skyboxes and scripts of various kinds. The outside lightning which breaks the silence with a deep thunder once in awhile is pretty cool and brings the mood down a bit towards the more eerie end of the scale. There is also a good use of silent transporting, and all in all, Mr. Gimmer is very good at implementing these things into his levels. The, for me clear, downside to this level is the relatively boring layout. It seems very inane and often plagued by the fact that the author got one good idea and then used it one too many times. It is not very innovative and there is nothing unusual or spectacular to see here.

One of the better things is the gameplay. Although suffering from a TNT decease, which seems immortal, namely a very scarce amount of ammunition, there is generally a good deal of fun to be found here. The author has created a couple of new monsters and they aren't to be messed with. Very cool indeed. The monster selection doesn't vary much and consists mostly of Imps, Sergeants, Hell Knights and Revenants. Some are placed inside the level and some silently teleports in to stop you. Some are semi-invisible, another zDoom feature used, and one that has never appealed particularly much to my person. All in all, it is fun, but could have even more fun if it wasn't so difficult.

You should not miss this one. It is one of those levels that have a lot of potential, and appeals only to a selected group of people.



Score: 75%