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 T W R   H O U S E   O F   P A I N   2

by Pablo Dictter pd-twr


This level is made for Ultimate Doom eps. 4 and I guess it shows: The style is gothic but doesn’t really manage to scare your pants off like some of the brilliant org. eps. 4 levels!

I mean, the gameplay is there, but it is not very innovative or to say the least somewhat close to what is generally obligatory in today’s wads. The monsters are there, or are they, and nothing more. Small amounts of Imps and demons haunts most places in this level and with only a shotgun and something near to no medikits or stimpacks, the “action” is more or less absent.

The level consists of various small and cramped areas tied together with teleports. Most of the design isn’t that bad, but badly aligned walls and irritating big snake-like pillars with surrounding metal foundations that are placed awkwardly in the middle of a hallway pull down the score. The ideas are good, but the way in which they are used irritates one. The other thing is, that marble walls and floors look ok, but in this wad, it is over abundant. The general look of it all is of a middle class: It seems that the author had one good idea and then chose to use it again and again etc. And the size of the level makes the experience short and fast forgotten.

As said, some things are quite good, but most are tiring: The same look of it all, the size and the poor gameplay. Something interesting could have definitely gotten out this.


Score: 60%