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By Kristian Aro Homepage ruinbros


Sometimes they pop up. Those questions in the DoomWorld forums dealing with people's favourite wads. A lot of nice levels, levelpacks, megawads and tc's are represented. One that always makes it into people's posts is Kristian Aro's 11 level pack of beautiful, difficult and generally impressive creations more commonly known as the "episode" 'Brotherhood of Ruin'.

I have talked about it before, and I wont make an exception this time: Detail is important. It is so much easier loving a wad where the author has more than one skill. Yes, I love wads with great gameplay, however I love a wad even more when it is combined with beautiful looks. Enter 'Brotherhood of Ruin'. It is almost the perfect symbiosis of detailed architecture and fun, action packed and eventful gameplay. The environments you are travelling through are not all that different and off course there's times when you feel like you've seen this particular spot before. However, it never gets repetitive and you are dragged into this strange, hostile Hexen like world where the mood is set by some fantastic new textures and flats, and some very impressive and well-made lighthing effects. It is not so much because of the epic environments that I love the looks of this thing. It is more because of the fact that they are extremely well-made, original and most importantly include a believeable scenery suitable for the environments created by the combination of the architecture and new textures/flats.

The gameplay is pretty straight forward with a tendency to be more than good. 'Brotherhood of Ruin' tells you with big letter words that you are playing the creation of a skilled and extremely talented guy. One of Finland's finest, that is for sure! Like in any other Doom wad there is your basic hunt for keys, weapons and objects. On the way, a bunch of hell-spawn will try and stop you, and they will kill you! There are spots in some of these levels where you are literally run over by them are caught totally off guard! This is mostly because of the fact that the ammo are a little scarce in some places. Try again and you'll get through. The difficulty factor is definitly high, however not high as in 'Slayer' high or something like that. Other than that it is a blast and it entertained me formidably through all the levels giving me the creeps, shocks and in certain spots making me piss my pants in fear. Yes, the mood is set, and it is evil.

Magnificent, and almost flawless. You have probably downloaded and played this thing before, however I urge you to try it out again and preferebly in the darkness of the night with dimmed lights. Let it suck you in, but do not let it ruin you, brother!


Score: 94%